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Thursday, 03 October 2019
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What Is IMEI?

Thursday, 28 December 2017
What Is IMEI?

Dell BIOS Beep Codes

Thursday, 04 August 2016
Dell BIOS Beep Codes


As you may remember, we posted several articles about BGA machines and their function, equipment, accessories and explained their descriptions. But in this video, we would like to talk more specifically about one of them, WDS-620 BGA machine. And tell you that Dr-Bios.com is its distributor and if you’d like to buy it contact us on Skype: Dr.Bios2015
This BGA machine is for small, medium and large PC, laptop and mobile boards. You can use it to remove, place, replace, renew tin,.. of motherboards’ different sized chips, IO, memory, Ram..
This machine has 5 modes: Remove, Weld, Manual, Semi Auto, Mount. All of the modes are explained in the video. Another thing you’ll see is that we will introduce each component, button, knob and accessory that comes with the machine, BUT working and setting the machine requires another video which we will capture soon as well.

Which You Can Buy It With ------$ USD
It will be sent directly from China, you can order with 2 ways: Sea shipping and Airmail.
For more information,
contact us on Skype: Dr.Bios2015
Let’s have a closer look and find out more about this machine in the video bellow.
Stay with Dr-Bios.com :)

Review WDS-620 BGA ReworkStation
26:00 Minute, Full HD Video (395 MB)

Can y put a tutarial of honton 392? Maybe some profile for this machine?


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