What Is A Combination File

Saturday, 06 July 2019
What Is A Combination File

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What Is Combination File?

Today, in this article we’re going to talk about ‘Combination Files’. If you decided to be a mobile repairer (a real good one tho! laugh) with our tutorials, you have to know what is Combination File and what is it using for. So, let’s get start it.

Imagine a Samsung Android phone. In normal situations, when you turn it on, it might stuck on logo screen, or its baseband could have some problems, or you might not be able to Flash the new ROM into this phone, or it might have other problems.
To solve all these problems, you have to flash separate files, one by one, due to its separate problems into the phone, and you would end up flashing many files (files after files!) which is boring.

Here’s when the Combination File gets in! when Samsung mobile phones being produced, they being tested with Combination Files, so if they’d have any problems, they could solve it before they releasing their phones. Combination files were created by Samsung company and only being used by this company to solve its phone devices problems before they releasing them, but then, they decided to publish these files, and now you can find your phone’s combination file by model of your phone from the internet, there are lot of websites that presents combination files and you can easily flash them by Odin software or with Z3X repairing box (we will show you how to work with Odin and Z3X repairing box in our next articles, so stay tuned)

now you know what is combination file, so lets see how they exactly look like?
every combination file is made up of some phrases. For example look at this combination file’s name:
now its turn to explain these phrases:

PSN = (CSC) it’s the Code of countries you live, and from this code you can find the file that would work in your country.

Click here to see the list of CSC codes

FA60 = Android Version

J710F = Model of your phone device

XXU = Build Number of your phone device

QB3 = last character of combination file’s name, shows release year and month and number of revision.

Revision List:
1=Revision 1
2=Revision 2
3=Revision 3
4=Revision 4
5=Revision 5
6=Revision 6
7=Revision 7
8=Revision 8
9=Revision 9
A=Revision 10
B=Revision 11
C=Revision 12
D=Revision 13
E=Revision 14
F=Revision 15

Publishing Month list:

Publishing Year list:

Android Version List:
FA70=Android 7 Nougat
FA60=Android 6 Marshmallow
FA51=Android 5.1 Lollipop
FA50=Android 5.0 Lollipop
FA44=Android 4.4 KitKat
FA43=Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
FAJP=Android Jelly Bean

now you can find and flash the combination file that suits your phone device by knowing these information.

Problems that you can solve them with combination file in Samsung mobile phones and Samsung tablets:
•    Removing Samsung Account Lock
•    Removing FRP or Google Account (to remove FRP , after you flash the combination file, go to settings and activate OEM option, then go to the factory reset).
•    Activating ADB or USB debugging
•    Solving DRK error (its short for Device Root Kernel, and it happens when you update or upgrade your android to Marshmallow android, and its because the Kernel file is not compatible with your phone’s Boot file (Boot.img) ).
•    Solving boot looping problem (Stuck on logo screen)
•    Solving the problems of baseband
•    Re-writing and editing the serial number (sometimes when you are working or playing with your phone device, you might delete the serial number by accident and without you knowing it).
•    Helping to Downgrade (downgrading is inverse of updating. When you updated your phone’s OS, you might feel like the previous version was better to use, and if you regret it, you can install the previous OS with help of combination file. This process called Downgrading).
•    Solving the problems of ROM that cant be installed.

Note 1 : combination files are 90% helpful!
Note 2 : after flashing combination file, you can flash and install Single File ROM or 4 Files ROM into your device, as you wish.
Note 3 : in this process, using the combination files, all your data will be gone and will be deleted, so don’t forget to get a back up of your phone.
Note 4 : before you start the process, don’t forget to dial this number *#1234# and write down the information. So if you face a problem during the process, it would help you out.

so, this was combination file! Hope you like it. We have more article to come, so, stay tunedwinkheart.

Written by:
Nasima Babaki / Mobile Section of Dr-Bios.com
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