What Is Rooting?

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The android phone that you are fan of and enjoy using it, works with an Operating System (OS) which is designed for personal and business uses.
Like a lot of Operating Systems (OS), access to some features, is forbidden. For example, OS doesn't let you access to all features and system files to avoid damages that user would cause to the phone device (simply, mobile phone companies are scared that you would change some settings and features, so you would ruin and destroy your phone!!). laugh

Rooting is a process that you can remove all of the limitations and forbidden settings and let you access to system files. When you root your android device, you will have more control on settings, its features and function.
you might ask what is the difference between Rooting and Flashing?
With rooting, you can change the OS like the way you want, for example: you can change your android device’s font by rooting.
You can make some changes by flashing, too, but these changes are not as vast as rooting; you can only change your android device’s OS with another one, by flashing.

Note: with Rooting and Flashing, your phone device will get out of warranty.

Disadvantages of Rooting:
•   Warranty Service: If you Root your android phone device, it will get out of warranty at the moment you root it, so if anything happens to your phone device, you wont be able to get any services from its company (when you root your device, its more risky to break your phone. Which is terrible than break your phone in some other ways! Because in the first way, you wont get any warranty services. But if your phone is broken without rooting, the warranty service will repair and fix your broken phone).

    Weak Functioning:  most of the users are telling that their phone’s function is got better after they root their device. But there are few users telling that their phone device ‘s function went worse after they root it.

•    Virus: Since you make changes and edit your OS, your phone device is in high risk to infected with viruses.

Advantages Of Rooting:
•    Installing Application : After you root your android device, you can install some special apps so easily, those apps that you couldn’t install them before you root your device.

•    Deleting Applications:  There are some apps which were installed in your phone device from the beginning and you couldnt delete them, but after rooting you will be able to delete them.

    Storage: When you install an application, it mostly installs into the internal storage automatically, but with rooting, you can move this applications from internal storage to external storage, so you would have more space in your phone (internal storage).

    Rooting your phone could help you to increase your device’s functions and you can edit and change your phone’s OS preferences by rooting (there are thousands of Custom ROMs out there, published by developers).

So, think before you root your android device, and make the best decision. And keep this on your mind that having rooted android device with real good function and features might be so cool, but having a broken android device due to rooting with no warranty services is not cool at all! wink

Nasima Babaki / Mobile Section of Dr-Bios.com