What Should You Do After Your Iphone Is Lost Or Stolen?

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Have you ever thought about getting your iPhone stolen? How much your iPhone is secured? How much are you sure that no one else has access to your iPhone? In the previous article, we shared 17 important tips which helps you to make your iPhone secure even more.

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I wish you never getting your phone stolen, but you’ll never know what’s going to happen in future, so you better know what to do after you got your iPhone stolen, so you could be able to find your iPhone or protect your data from thief/thieves.
Note: before you start reading this article, I have to remind you to take a good care of your Apple ID and your password and try not to lose it! Because you cant do anything with tips we are going to share in this article without your Apple ID and password. 

First thing you have to do is go to this website which officially is for Apple company: www.iCloud.com and write down your Apple ID and your password so you could enter your iCloud account.

Click on "Find iPhone" : 

 Now you can see the location of your iPhone on the map. Now click on “All Devices” to see the devices which are already set with your Apple ID. Now select the device you want to find its location.

When you select iPhone in All devices, a little window like below picture will show up:

*** If your phone is connected to the internet, you’ll see a green circle next to your iPhone’s name. In the above picture you can see this iPhone is offline which means its been 24 hours since this iPhone was online. Tik “Notify me when found” so, when your iPhone is online, you will receive an E-mail in your Apple ID’s E-mail.

If you’ve lost your iPhone inside the house and don’t know where did you put it at, with clicking on “Play Sound” , your iPhone will start to ring, even if its on silent mode, so you will find your iPhone faster and easier!
Note: you can use “Find Phone” feature, only when your iPhone is connected to the internet. When someone steals your iPhone, removing your SIM card is the first thing they will do, so your iPhone will lose data connection and you wont be able to locate your iPhone through iCloud. So, Find Phone wont help you if your phone is not connected to the internet.

“Lost Mode” Option:
We just told that Find iPhone feature, helps you only when your phone is connected to data, and the first thing that thieves do is removing your SIM card. So you cant use this feature to find your stolen iPhone. And, here, the questions is: what should we do now?!
Click on Lost Mode and add a phone number to contact you and then click “Next” :

Now, type a message mentioning that your phone is been stolen and then click on “Done”:

In this way, message you wrote about your stolen iPhone will appear on its screen in the whole time, even if it turns off due to the battery charge and turning it on after charging its battery. So it will be kind of impossible to sell out your iPhone (if you have lost your iPhone, you can write in this message which shows up on the screen, that you have a prize or reward for someone who has found it and brings it to you. So, maybe you could find your iPhone soon!).

"Erase Data” Option:
click on “Erase Data” and you’ll see this message:

This feature helps you to delete all your data from your phone, so no one could have access to your phone and your data. When you click on it, this message will show up, as you see in above picture. Click on Erase.
At the moment when your iPhone connects to the internet (data/WiFi), your iPhone will start to delete its contains and data automatically, so no one will access to your data and your personal information. After clicking on Erase, you should add your number and answer security questions which you’ve chosen while making your Apple ID. After you activated this feature successfully, “Stop Erase Request” option will show up, and you can cancel erasing your data from your iPhone if you regret it.

At the end, we want to point out to iPhone’s high security! According to the important tips we shared in previous article, its impossible for someone else, access to your iPhone and its data and no one else can use your iPhone. So there’s a thing: since iPhones have a high security and as we told, thieves cant access into your iPhone (unless they have your Apple ID), they cant put other SIM card into your iPhone and use it, which means you cant track your iPhone by its serial number!
Since thieves cant use your iPhone or sell it easily, they have only 2 choices: 
They could use it as decoration!! Or they could disassemble your lovely iPhone and sell its components (unless they feel pity to disassemble a thing such an iPhone!).
Also, don’t forget to backup your iPhone through iTunes, time after time, so when something like this happened to you, you (only you by your Apple ID) could be able to have access to your data in your iPhone.

How To Backup Your iPhone through iTunes

That was it! I hope it would be helpful. 💚

Nasima Babaki / Mobile Section of Dr-Bios.com