Cancellation And Refund Policy

The real purpose of is to train and help REAL laptop repairmen. And continuous downloading all the files in bulk with the purpose of archiving them is against the website law. And if the website encounters such an action, it will immediately ban the account without notifying and there won't be any refund.

As presents digital products, there wouldn’t be any refund once ordering process is completed and service is activated.
As a costumer you are responsible of reading and fully understanding information about membership plans before purchasing them. But in case you had problems and questions, you can contact us on the website through Live Chat. We are eagerly waiting to respond any of the further questions you might have.
On what condition can you cancel your service?
If multiple payments have been made or the user requests for upgrading the account (the payment needs to be taken place in less than 72 hours), we will cancel one of your payments and refund.

Updated on 2019.02.06