Contact US is an online Institute which works professionally on laptop and mobile repairing tutorials. our website has another services beside training; services such as: laptops' Bios, mobile ROMs, schematic and boardview for laptops and mobile phones and many tutorial videos about laptop and mobile repairings many other useful/training files you might need.

If you are seeking for any files that it is in our service, you can send you request through this link:

so our website supporter will respond to your request as soon as possible smiley

Team members:

Ahmad Kor: Project Manager

Vahab Alemi: Website Programmer and Developer

Oktay Nikpey: Laptop and Mobile Hardware Engineer

Salimeh Bolboli: Mobile Software Engineer

Monireh Makhour: English Translator

Nasima Babaki: English and Turkish Translator

Mahla Bay: Supporter and Bios Editor