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This site is online technician's laptops portal.

If you do not find the BIOS file, you can request the file at any time, then our support team will provide it as soon as possible and you can download it easily!

Working days: Saturdays_ Thursday, 8:30 am_ 4:00 pm

In Holidays and Out of working hours contact via emails at 8:00 am _ 10:00 pm

Our Support Team Contacts:


Ahmad Kor, he is 31 and has eight years' experience of work.

Skills: Teaching as a laptop technician. He has advanced skills in Hardware and Software Computer.

He is Sales Manager of Dr. laptop in Gonbadekavoos.


Abdulmajid Sheikh, he is 32 and laptop hardware technician.

He has 2 years' experience of work.


Salimeh Bolboli, she is 23 and dr-bios Support Team.

She considers bios requests contacts.

Skill: Excellent with Microsoft Office and Multi-media

Skype: dr.bios2015



Monireh Makhour, she is 26 and dr-bios Support Team.

She is active in Tutorial videos, articles and Communications section.

Skill: Excellent with Microsoft Office and Multi-media as well as English Language