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Monitor Repairing- Part 1

Since after fully analyzing Adaptors and repairing different types of them, we decided to analyze Monitors, in this video, you will see different components of the screens and also get familiar with several types of them such as laptop and monitor LEDs, LCDs.....

Troubleshooting Laptop Battery Not Charging Problem

There are 2 Asus laptops that won’t be charged by plugging in the adaptor. And in fact the batteries don’t have any reactions. In these kinds of situations...

AC Adaptor Repairing Part-4

In this part we repair Dell, HP, Asus, Sony and Acer laptop adaptors with different problems...

Laptop AC Adapter Repairing Part-3-2

1- How to test the main components in the adaptors' circuits. 2- an introduction of the error correction process.

Important Tips On Laptop Adapter Repairing Part 3-1

In this we explain the function of primary and secondary circuits and also error correction and compensation in switching circuits. Before repairing adaptor make sure...

Troubleshooting Short Circuit Of 19V

In this video, we have a motherboard that’s turned OFF completely and schematic and boardview are not available for it...

Overheating IO & Detecting the Problem

There is a Lenovo Z50-70 laptop which turns ON automatically by the time of plugging in the adaptor. And IO IC overheats...

Water Spilling Problem LA-5893P

There are some videos about water spilling problem but this one is a little different. Because it destroyed circuit texture on PCB and the damaged resistors can hardly be found!...

How To Repair RAM Circuit Problems

Motherboard can be switched ON but there is no display, and after checking voltage, we realized that all the voltages are present except RAM and CPU_CORE circuits’ voltages. And then we checked ohm, and realized that there is no short circuit...

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