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Remove Bios Password Of Toshiba Satellite C850-B700

There are usually many ways to remove or reset Bios password of Toshiba laptops, some are very easy and some are a little hard! In some series of Toshiba laptops and mostly Satellite series...

How To Use Boardview In Repairing ASUS Laptops

As you know, Boardviews and schematics are the maps of motherboards and they are very useful in finding the components on the circuit and exactly like maps, they show the directions to the repairmen...

Last Update Of Vertyanov Programmer Software

From now on we will put Vertyanov programmer’s new updates in this article and every time there is a new version we will update this article....

Last Update Of SVOD Programmer Software

This is the new update of SVOD programmer and every time the company shares new updates for the software, we will put it in here ...

Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 2

This is the second video of basic electronics which is about analyzing resistors and resistances of their different types....

Basic Electronics: Resistor Part 1

It is a known fact that if someone wants to learn something -and anything- it would be best to learn it from the beginning and basics to intermediate and then at last to the advanced or professional levels...

How To Solve Samsung-NP370E USB Port Not Working Problem

Probably you might have had such problems that when you turn ON your laptop or PC and connect USB flash or any other devices such as mouse, keyboard or,…

Bypass BIOS Password Asus Laptops

Bypass BIOS Password Asus Laptops,From now on you can easily bypass Bios password of Asus laptops without disassembling them, including the older series to the newer ones. This service is free for all the premium members of

How To Solve Blinking LED Charger & Not Turning ON Surface Pro 4

The blinking problem of the Surface Pro 4 charger LED has been raised recently among the users which we had the same problems as well and this problem was solved by ...

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