Samsung schematic ( 229 File )

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RowLaptop ModelMotherboard
1 Samsung ND10 NC10 NP-N108 NC110 BA41-01050A BA41-01051A BA41-01051A 010
2 Samsung QMLE4 LS-8865P USB PWR_BTN B_Rev 1.0
3 Samsung QMLE4 LS-8865P USB & PWR_BTN B_Rev-1.0
4 Samsung QCLA4 LS-8864P Audio Jack_Cardreader_Rev 1.0
5 Samsung QCLA4 LS-8863P TP_LR LID LED_Rev 1.0


You can find and download Schematic, Boardview, Bios, ME Region, Datasheet  And if couldn’t find them or if you need any help, you can contact the support team through Live Chat on the main page :)

download bios bin files laptop & desktop

download me region & txe region files

download boardview laptop & desktop files

download schematic laptop & desktop files

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