Frequently asked questions in

Frequently asked questions in
What services does the website provide?
We love learning, learning and also teaching. In Dr., we teach Laptop, Mobile, Monitor and Desktop Repairing in form of Tutorial videos. And on the other hand, we are the world's largest archive of Bios, Schematic, and Boardview files which is updated daily. We also have over 30,000 members from all over the world. Our customers from around the world follow our training videos and enjoy learning.
Does also have free tutorial videos?
Yes, many intermediate tutorial articles and videos on the site are freely available to all members and they do Not need to pay for membership for accessing them. Click here to see the list of free videos.
How can I download the Bios/ Schematic/ Boardview files?
You need to pay for membership here to be able to download Bios / Schematics / Boardview files. After payment is made online, your account will automatically be activated and you can download the file/ files you need.
What to do to watch advanced videos?
Tutorial videos of are split into Intermediate and Advanced videos. We publish most of the Intermediate videos for free on the website but spend a great deal of time and energy on advanced videos so it requires members to pay for membership. To access and download Advanced Videos, pay for membership in here. You can see the details of each plan in Premium membership section.
What is the Best Premium Membership Plan?
If you are interested in learning Repairing and want to learn it academically and in the principled way and also make use of the 30 year experience of technical team and access all Advanced videos of Laptop, Monitor, Desktop and Mobile Repairing, we recommend you to choose 6 Month Gold Plan.
But if you don't need tutorial videos and just want to use Bios, Schematic and Boardview files, our recommendation to you would be 6-Month plan.
And if you only need one or a couple of files, 1-Month plan is a good option.

Is it possible to upgrade an account after payment is made?
If a member purchases one of the plans and requests for upgrading its account, it can take place by paying the price difference. But please keep in mind that the member needs to request for upgradation in less than 72 hours. To upgrade your account, please go to main page and submit your request on “Live Chat”
Can I use one account for multiple people?
No. Any account is for the use of the person (one person) who pays for it and is committed to provide the website services to account holder only (payer).
Note: All logins are monitored by smart robots 24/7. If a member misuses premium account, first she/ he will receive a warning email and if she/ he ignores the email, the account will be blocked and there won’t be any refund. You can check “Terms & Conditions” for more details.

What is the daily download limit?
You are allowed to download up to 15 files every 24 hours, including Schematics, Bios and Boardview, and tutorial videos, but please keep in mind that downloading 15 files continuously is against website law and will result in blocking the account. You can check “Terms & Conditions” for more details.
How to login to the website?
To login to the website you only need to access your email. And after completing the registration form, go to login page, enter your email and then press “Send Pin Code” button and check your email. A 6-digit code will be sent to you. Enter the code on the login page and click on the Login button.
You can watch the video on how to login to in here.

The file I want is not available on the website. Can it be added to the website?
If the file you need (Bios, Schematic, Boardview…) is not available on the site, you can submit a request in the “File Request” section. We will do our best to provide it for you and (if we find it) we will share it on the website and also notify you by email.
How do I track the file request that I have registered?
You can track your “Requested File” on “File Request” section, “Tracking Request” tab. In addition, the responses of the support team will also be sent to your email.
Note: Please keep in mind not to reply those emails!

How long does it take to get a response after I submit a file request?
After submitting a file request, the support team will usually take less than 12 hours to respond to your request, but it may take longer due to the high traffic or rareness of the file. In such case, we would appreciate your patience. Online support of is available 24/7.
How can I pay premium membership fee?
You can go to “Pricing” section and directly pay for membership by PayPal. Your account will be activated automatically after that. If you have any problems with making the payments, go to “Live Chat” and inform them about your problem.
up to 50% Special Discount ! is offering an ascending discount system with the aim of honoring the old members and respecting its companions. This discount system automatically calculates and displays your points after logging in to the website and you can use your own discount based on your points.

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I have a premium membership; do you guide me in repairing my laptop?
We have over 32,000 members in and we cannot answer questions of all members and Technical Support is Not a service of the website. But we capture tutorial videos of common problems of laptops that you can check in here that might be helpful in solving your problems.
Does have in-person training?
Dr-Bios does all its work only on website and has no cooperation with any institute/ site / weblog or any company to hold in-person training courses and all trainings are available only on official website, So beware of these Scams!
Why should I follow social networks?
We usually share parts of new videos – important repairing tips - performance reports - discounts and important events of on our social networks, so we suggest you to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.