Terms & Conditions
As a guest member you have NO access to download files and tutorial contents. So you need to purchase premium membership subscription for having access to tutorial articles and videos.

If you (as a user) purchase one of the plans, but change your mind after that, you can request for upgrading the account in less than 72 hours! But you need to pay the price difference.

Premium Membership
You need to pay for the premium membership subscription of Dr-Bios.com through PayPal. Your account will automatically be activated after payment and then you can easily use the services.
Tutorial videos and articles of the website are classified into 2 categories, Advanced and Intermediate, and accessing them are different.
One-Month and 6 Months Premium Membership Plans include full access to Bios, Schematic, Boardview files and Intermediate videos and articles.
6 Months Gold Premium Membership Plan include full access to Bios, schematic, Boardview and Advanced and Intermediate videos and articles.
Click here to view Intermediate articles and here to view Advanced articles.

Daily download: The number of files that users can download per day is totally 15 files (Bios, Boardview, Schematic, ROM Monitor).  This number is the same for all plans, but keep in mind that there is no limit for the number of daily downloads of videos, and you can access and download videos of the website according to the plan that you've purchased.

The real purpose of Dr-Bios.com is to train and help REAL laptop repairmen. And continuous downloading all the files in bulk with the purpose of archiving them is against the website law. And if the website encounters such an action, it will immediately ban the account without notifying and there won't be any refund.

Purchasing through PayPal is safe and easy. PayPal supports almost all countries of the world.
Please note that Dr-Bios.com does NOT take ANY responsibility for the incompatibility of the files with your device. We do NOT guarantee the file would be completely compatible with your device but Dr-Bios.com's professional technical team is always eager to help you and will be by your side whenever you have problems.

Purchasing multiple accounts by a person/ or using an account by multiple people is against the rules of Dr-Bios.com, and in case any violation is observed, all accounts and IPs will be banned and the payments will NOT be refunded.

Dr-Bios.com works as a Service Provider and Educator for educational purposes, so when you request and download any files/ Tutorial Videos from the website, you are paying for the service and the content, and that does NOT Mean you own the files or videos. So you May Not Sell or Misuse them.

Freely sharing or selling the Files or Videos in social media, websites or anywhere else is completely against Copyright and Dr-Bios.com law. In case such actions take place, the member will have to face legal proceedings and consequences.

Mentioning the name of Repair Shop or Company, Phone/Mobile Number, Website/Weblog Address or anything that is considered as advertisement is FORBIDDEN and is against website rules.

If a file (Bios, Schematic, Boardview) is not available on the website, you can submit file request through "File Request" section and for any questions related to the website, you can ask your questions in "Live Chat" and we will do our best to provide it for you. But we can’t guarantee to find the requested file. In case the file can’t be provided, the member doesn't have the right to request for a refund

Support team 24/7

Please note that the technical support does NOT include online support service but they try to provide and recommend methods and solutions for solving your problems.

Please be patient and polite to Dr-Bios.com staff while requesting files/ contacting through "Live Chat" or "File Request". If NOT, the requesting process or account will be suspended.

Dr-Bios.com has the right to apply changes or update rules and template of the website and other things related to improving user experience with its own diagnosis and will immediately inform the members about the changes through Instagram, Facebook and Telegram channel.

Updated on 2019.02.06