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How To Repair PC Graphic Card Vip Membership

In today lesson, there is a Video card/Graphic card of computer, I am interested to show diagnose and repair it, the ATI Radeon 5570 is a graphic card. What is its problem? Motherboard does not start when graphic card is on it so after diagnosing...
  • 8/25/2016 7:04:06 AM

How To Connect Postcard To Motherboard Vip Membership

Today lesson Lenovo LA-B291P, Rev: 1.0 motherboard, it’s one of the recent has only CPU and its graphic is UMA. What is the problem with motherboard? It starts but it has not graphic. I have connected postcard to multi-controller, I connect compal postcard to motherboard...
  • 8/20/2016 11:10:27 AM

How To Know Compal And Quanta Motherboard Vip Membership

In Today lesson, want to give you some information about platform, Rev and codes. How to find, that the motherboard platform belongs to which manufacturer and how to search schematics’ motherboards.
  • 8/20/2016 11:51:39 AM

Samsung RC510-S04AE Conversion Discrete To UMA Vip Membership

Samsung RC510-S04AE Conversion Discrete To UMA here in this conversion , convert it without removing the graphic chip and only you need to disconnect current to graphic chip. for details follow bellow pictures!
  • 8/17/2016 9:10:53 AM