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Website rules
As Dr-Bios.com presents digital products, there wouldn’t be any refund once ordering process is completed and service is activated.
As a user you are responsible of reading and fully understanding information about membership plans before purchasing them.
When a user purchases a service, the service is accessible for the user only and no one else may use it.
Choosing a username or profile picture that includes name of Repair Shop or Company, Phone/Mobile Number, Website/Weblog Address or anything that is considered to be an advertisement is FORBIDDEN on Dr-Bios.com and is against website rules.
Dr-Bios.com works as a Service Provider and Educator for educational purposes, so when you request and download any files/ Tutorial Videos from the website, you are paying for the service and the content, and that does NOT mean you own the files or videos. So you May Not Sell or Misuse them.

Dr-Bios.com gives its members the right to download videos and files for personal purposes but please keep in mind that members do Not own or have the right to share, sell or send any downloaded files or videos to other person or people. In case such violations are proven, Dr-Bios.com has the right to claim damages by its lawyers legally. Your registration on the website means you have approved and accepted all the rules of the website.
In case another person/ people use/s Dr-Bios.com accounts, this action is not allowed and the violator's account will be blocked and there will not be any refund.
- It is up to the website management to determine this issue.
Tutorial files, articles and videos of the website are prepared with a lot of effort and hardship to be available for Dr-Bios.com members. Therefore, selling or publishing files, articles or tutorial videos on social networks, websites, weblogs... is illegal and Dr-Bios.com is not content (satisfied) about this issue, and if such actions are observed, they will be prosecuted by the legal lawyers of Dr-Bios.com and the violators must compensate the damages.
As a guest member you have NO access to download files or advanced tutorial contents. So you need to purchase Gold or Platinum premium membership subscription for having access to tutorial articles and videos.
If you (as a user) purchase one of the plans, but change your mind within 72 hours, you can request for upgrading your account. But please keep in mind to inform us about this matter and then you can purchase a new plan by paying the price difference.
You need to pay for the premium membership subscription of Dr-Bios.com online. Your account will automatically be activated after payment and then you can easily use the services.

Tools Section: this section is newly added to the website which includes tips and experiences of Dr-Bios.com technical and support teams and some videos might be sold in this section. The videos of this section are completely separated from the tutorial videos of the website and the premium members have no access to them but if members are interested in them, they can easily access them by purchasing them separately.

You can view daily file download limit in Premium membership section (Daily download limit is 15 attachment files)
The real purpose of Dr-Bios.com is to train and help REAL laptop repairmen. And continuous downloading all the files in bulk with the purpose of archiving them is against the website law. And if the website encounters such an action, it will immediately ban the account without notifying the account holder and there won't be any refund.
Purchasing multiple accounts by one person/ or using an account by multiple people is against Dr-Bios.com law, and in case any violation is observed, all accounts and IPs will be banned and the payments will NOT be refunded.

Please note that Dr-Bios.com does NOT take ANY responsibility for the incompatibility of the files with your device. We do NOT guarantee the file would be completely compatible with your device but Dr-Bios.com's professional support team is always eager to help you and will be by your side whenever you have problems.

If a file (Bios, Schematic, Boardview,..) is not available on the website, you can submit file request through "File Request" section and we will do our best to provide it for you. But we can’t guarantee to find the requested file. In case the file can’t be provided, the member doesn't have the right to request for a refund

Dr-Bios.com Support system is 24/7
But please note that the technical support does NOT include online support service but the support team will try to provide and recommend methods and solutions for solving your problems.

After you submitted a file request, it usually takes less than 2 hours for the support team to respond to you. But sometimes it may take longer due to high traffic or rare files, so please be patient until you receive responses from the support team.

Dr-Bios.com has the right to apply changes or update rules and template of the website and other things related to improving user experience with its own diagnosis and will immediately inform the members about the changes through its Telegram channel.
At certain times, the website might be inaccessible due to some technical problems or updates, which usually takes less than a few hours, so we hope you understand and be patient until the problems gets solved.
Different sections and new services may be added to the website in the future which might be free or separate fees might be received from the users. Dr-Bios.com will decide whether they would be free or not.
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