Can't download. States "you've reached maximum daily allowance?


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I hope you are well. I joined yesterday and paid for Golden account upgrade. I need to download Basic electronic videos as well as monitor repair course. Managed up to part 10-part1 last night on Monitor repair until "Oops! you reached your maximum daily allowance" message popped up. This morning I only managed Basic electronic video part 1 and stopped with not allowing to download further stating above message "Oops! you reached your maximum daily allowance".
Would you be kind enough to resolve this issue and stating what size in Gb is daily allowance or other explanations you can advise as I need to download the courses to study in my own time I am an IT consultant here in London UK and run my own IT company (since 1995).

Most grateful for your assistance in advance.

Kind regards,

Farid (tony)

Hampstead Computer Services


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