Article Differences Between Bios ME Region Versions

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ME REGION is stored in the latest models of Intel platforms (Core i). (I insist that they are not stored on motherboards that use AMD Processors, so they don’t have ME Region!! Although ME Region is stored in Bios, it has a completely independent function.

You might have faced an issue after detecting the ME Region version with the UEFI TOOL software that there would be two or more files with the same version.

In those cases, check the file size:
If it's about 1.5 MB, it’s related to consumer systems with chipset models: Hxx, Mxx, Zxx, Xxx

If it's about 6 MB, it's related to corporate systems with Qxx, QMxx, QSxx chipset models

But in the following versions, in addition to the type of system, you need to check other items as well: have a look to following examples

As you see, the version of ME Region is:

CON == Consumer Systems
Such as: Dell Vostro , HP Pavilion ,...

COR == Corporate Systems
Such as: Dell Latitude, HP Elitebook, ..

And LP_xx or H_xx are written after CON or COR that refer to the chipset model

So for choosing the correct file for modifying ME Region of Bios, make sure what type of system you have and what its chipest model is.
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