Mobile Repairing Articles

How To Convert Single File Firmware To Four Files Firmware

When your phone doesn't work as the way it was working before or has software problems or when you install a new firmware, it might not solve your problems or you might face new problems!! if these kinds of problems happen, you should go for four files firmwa...

What Is Kernel?

Kernel is heart of Operating System and it operates as a connecting bridge between applications and hardwares. The only goal of Kernel is manage the connection between applications (apps which owner of phone device uses) and hardware (CPU, Storage and …).  Ma...

What Is Rooting?

The android phone that you are fan of and enjoy using it, works with an Operating System (OS) which is designed for personal and business uses. Like a lot of Operating Systems (OS), access to some features, is forbidden. For example, OS doesn't let you access...

Bypass Android's Lock Screen Pattern PIN Or Password Without Losing Data

Nowadays, we set a password/pin/pattern to protect our phone’s data, but for some reasons, we could forget our password. There are different ways to remove the password or unlock your phone. There are some methods that you can remove your phone’s password but ...

What Should You Do After Your Iphone Is Lost Or Stolen?

Have you ever thought about getting your iPhone stolen? How much your iPhone is secured? How much are you sure that no one else has access to your iPhone? In the previous article, we shared 17 important tips which helps you to make your iPhone secure even more...

17 Important Tips To Secure Your Iphone

Nowadays, smartphones have powerful effects on our daily life, and they have special place in our life and we make lot of stuffs done with our smartphones, like: online shopping, money transferring and … , that’s why you have to be e careful and be protective ...

How To Enable USB Debugging On Android?

With this method, you can easily transfer data from your phone to your computer. When you buy a new phone, its “USB Debugging” option, is not active, so you should active it yourself after you bought a new phone. After you activated this option, connect your p...

How To Diagnose If An Iphone Is Original Or Fake?

since Apple company decided to release its refurbished products, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, cheaper than OEM products, it seems like it is a good chance for other people to sell fake and copy iPhones as refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 plus. In the previous article...

Difference Between Original Vs. Fake LCD And Panel In Iphone

You might decided to change your phone’s LCD and you might not be able to diagnose OEM or Refurbished ones from high copy (when manufacturer release a product, it might have problems like hardware problem, or motherboard problem and … . in this situation, prod...

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