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    File Request HP Pavilion 15-ec1413no Bios Need YAML 19 94v-0 G3HD

    Hi ! need a bios file to slash for HP Pavilion Laptop all info from a board: YAML 19 94v-0 E114139 3620 DAG3HDMB8D0 Rev: D MODEL: G3HD
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    File Request HP EliteBook 850 G2 bios file need

    Hi ! I need a bios bin file for HP EliteBook 850 G2 MB signs: HSTNN-I26C-4, HSTNN-I26C-5 AM65B10BFK rev 1.21 Thanks alot
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    File Request HP EliteBook 850 G1 bios need

    Hi ! I need a bios bin file for HP EliteBook 850 G1 MB signs: HSTNN-I11C-4, HSTNN-I11C-5, UMA E253117 ZDT 94v-0 ML1 H 2-1 Thanks alot
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    File Request MSI GS65 STEALTH THIN 8RE ms-16q21 ver 1.0 bios request

    Hi ! I need a bios bin for MSI GS65 STEALTH THIN 8RE mobo: ms-16q21 ver 1.0 i need also mobo schematic but i can make another topic :) Thanks a lot
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    File Request Bios file need to HP BDL50 D704P Rev: 4.0 15-AY513TX

    Hi ! I need a bios to HP 15-AY513TX mb nr: BDL50 D704P Rev: 4.0 and if possible mb schematic is blinking c.lock like have memory problem but change memory is not help so id like try with new bios :) thanks alot for help
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    File Request Acer Swift SF514-51 series bios

    Hi ! I need bios for Acer Swift SF514-51 full name Acer Swift SF514-51 566G ? model N16C4 mb nr: B3ZMS LA-D591P rev 2.0 (2016-05-27) A lot Thanks :)
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    File Request Alienware 17 R4 BIOS request BAP10 LA-D751P rev 1.0 (A00)

    i need a blanc bios or whatever what is working for Alienware 17 R4 BIOS request BAP10 LA-D751P rev 1.0 (A00) old bios chip is brocken so i can not take out any file from it. UH4 chip is bios secion ? this is correct ?
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    Bios gigabyte g31m-s2c rev 1.1 bios

    gigabyte g31m-s2c rev 1.1 512 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-h55m-usb3 rev 2.0 -ver f11 bios

    gigabyte ga-h55m-usb3 rev 2.0 -ver f11 8 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-h61m-s2p-b3 rev 1.0 -ver f6 bios

    gigabyte ga-h61m-s2p-b3 rev 1.0 -ver f6 4 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-h67ma-d2h-b3 rev 1.1 -ver f6 bios

    gigabyte ga-h67ma-d2h-b3 rev 1.1 -ver f6 4 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-p67a-ud5-b3 rev 1.0 -ver f8 bios

    gigabyte ga-p67a-ud5-b3 rev 1.0 -ver f8 4 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-ma74gm-s2h rev 4.0 -ver fea bios

    gigabyte ga-ma74gm-s2h rev 4.0 -ver fea 1 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-ma78gpm-ds2h rev 1.x -ver f6h bios

    gigabyte ga-ma78gpm-ds2h rev 1.x -ver f6h 1 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-z68a-d3-b3 rev 1.0 -ver u1b(uefi ) bios

    gigabyte ga-z68a-d3-b3 rev 1.0 -ver u1b(uefi ) 4 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-z270xp-sli rev 1.0 -ver f9d bios

    gigabyte ga-z270xp-sli rev 1.0 -ver f9d 8 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-b250-hd3 rev 1.0 -ver f9 bios

    gigabyte ga-b250-hd3 rev 1.0 -ver f9 8 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-z97-hd3p rev 1.0 -ver f4 bios

    gigabyte ga-z97-hd3p rev 1.0 -ver f4 8 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-n3050n-d2p rev 1.0 -ver f5d bios

    gigabyte ga-n3050n-d2p rev 1.0 -ver f5d 8 mb
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    Bios gigabyte ga-880gm-usb3l rev 3.1 -ver f6g bios

    gigabyte ga-880gm-usb3l rev 3.1 -ver f6g 2 mb