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Dr-Bios.com is a professional laptop repairing website which was established in 2014 and up to this day, the professional technical team of the website has produced hundreds of high quality step by step repairing tutorial videos in a very easily understandable way that everyone, including beginner and professional repairmen, electronic engineering students and just everyone who loves to learn more about computers and electronics, are able to understand them. The videos are dubbed into English and they also have subtitles for the facility of the users. The members of technical team on Dr-Bios.com are always eager to learn, to teach and most importantly to share their knowledge and be by your side whenever you have questions, issues or need advice on repairing of laptops, motherboards and monitors. By joining Dr-Bios.com you will be able to access the biggest and most complete archive of Bios, schematic and boardview files of laptop motherboards, monitors and also smartphones. Unlocking Bios password is a free service for all premium members. Support team of the website respond to your problems and questions related to the files and the website as soon as possible. Join us and enjoy constant learning of electronics and repairing 💚

Please contact us through WhatsApp for further questions:
+90 0531 495 6824
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Greatly appreciate the dr-bios team as you assist individuals worlwide to grow both technically and theoretically in electronic repair.
Professionalism through applied skill and visual demonstration.
Thank you.
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