Conversion Of Acer Aspire 4810 Laptop


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There is a conversion in this article.
It's how to convert Acer aspire 4810 laptop with 3 different motherboards. The motherboards are: 08274-2, Jm51-dis and 48.4cr05.021.

In the picture bellow (first picture), the repairman is pointing to the Graphic Chip (ATI). So If you're in a mood to remove a chip, this is a great opportunity for you to do it. BUT if you don't have the mood or you're just lazy (exactly like me :D), you don't have to remove it. It's totally you're chice whether you remove the graphic chip or not! (Do As You Wish)

For the second picture, you only need to remove inductor L25 as it's mentioned.

This conversion is tested and is successful :)

good luck


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