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What services does the website provide?
We love learning, learning and also teaching. In Dr., we teach Laptop, Mobile, Monitor and Desktop Repairing in form of Tutorial videos. And on the other hand, we have the world's largest archive of Bios, Schematic, and Boardview files which are constantly being updated. We have members from all over the world who follow our training videos and enjoy learning.

Do I own a file after downloading it? gives its members the right to use the files and videos personally, but they do Not own the downloaded files and are Not allowed to publish, sell, or provide them to any other person or persons. If such violations are observed and proven, has the right to claim damages by its lawyers and legally.

Does also have free tutorial content?
Yes, many of the tutorial articles and videos of the website are available for all members for free & they do Not need to pay for membership to access them and video samples of the advanced videos are published on our YouTube channel. Click here to see the list of free videos.

How can I download Bios/ Schematic/ Boardview files?
To be able to download Bios / Schematics / Boardview files, you need to pay for membership after joining the website. And when the payment is made online, your account will automatically be activated and you can download the file/ files you need.

What to do to watch advanced videos?
Producing advanced videos require a great deal of time and energy. Therefore, members need to pay for membership to access and download Advanced Videos.

Is it possible to upgrade an account after payment is made?
If a member purchases one of the plans and requests for upgrading its account within 72 hours, it can take place by paying the price difference. To upgrade your account, please go to main page and submit your request in “Contact us” section.

Can I use one account for multiple people?
No. Any account is for the use of one person who pays for it and is committed to provide the website services to account holder only (payer).
Note: All logins of the members are monitored by smart bots 24/7. If a member misuses premium account, the account will be blocked and there won’t be any refund. You can check “Terms & Conditions” for more details.

The file I need is not available on the website. Could you add it to the website?
If the file you need (Bios, Schematic, Boardview…) is not available on the website, you can submit a request in File Request of the intended brand. We will do our best to provide the file for you and (if we found it,) we will upload it on the website and also notify you by email.
Note: does NOT take ANY responsibility for the incompatibility of the files with your device. We do NOT guarantee the file would be completely compatible with your device but our professional support team is always eager to help you and will be by your side whenever you have problems.

How long does it take to get a response after submitting a file request?
After submitting a file request, it usually takes less than 2 hours for the support team to respond to your request, but it may take longer due to the high traffic or rareness of the file. In such cases, we would appreciate your patience. Online support of is available 24/7.

How can I pay for premium membership?
You can go to “Premium Membership” section and directly pay for membership by PayPal. Your account will be activated automatically right after the payment is made. If you have any problems with making the payment, go to “Contact Us” and inform them about your problem.

I have a Premium Membership account . Can you help me with laptop repairing?
We have more than 32,000 members in Dr-Bios and we are not able to answer questions of this many members. Plus, the Technical Support is Not part of the website services, but Dr-Bios technical team captures Repairing process and solves common problems related to repairing in advanced tutorial videos and publishes the videos on the website.
Disclaimer: We do Not provide Technical support, however we will try our best to help you solve your problems!

Does have in-person training? does all its work only on the website and has no cooperation with any institute/ site / weblog or any company to hold in-person training courses and all tutorials are available only on Dr-Bios official website, So beware of the Scams!
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