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In this article we are going to teach you how to change the Mac address on Modem devices :giggle: 💚

Most of the times, to solve software problem of a modem, it is necessary to program Flash IC inside a modem by programmers such as TNM 5000.
So you should program the Flash IC with a working and a reliable file:
After installing IC, manually resetting and configuring modem, it’s time to reset Mac address for which you need to contact your service provider company operator👩‍💻/👨‍💻 so that they’ll reset your line Mac address or solve errors if there are any. And Data light needs to turn ON by tuning OFF and ON (one time) your modem. (But there is a probability that your problem doesn’t get solved with this method!)

This is the time you need to take the following steps to solve your issue:
⚠ Important Note:
Please keep in mind to get a backup of Flash IC file of your device before deleting its content.

The reason for not having modem Data after configuring and resetting your line by the service provider operator is that the Flash file you downloaded belongs to another device that is connected to the telecommunication with its own MAC address and you have programmed your device with the same file and MAC address of that device. In fact, you have two similar MAC addresses, one on the modem you downloaded its file and the other is on your modem. And I should say that, the telecommunication system is not able to accept 2 active MAC addresses in the system.
So you need to take the MAC address of your own modem and replace it with the MAC address of the downloaded file and then program the Flash IC.

To find MAC address of modems you can check their back and write the model down. 📝


Then you need to add MAC address in the modem settings before programming Flash IC:


Now that you have the MAC address of your modem, you need to know the MAC address of the downloaded file and replace it with your MAC address.
To know the MAC address of the downloaded file, you only need to program that file once on the modem's flash IC. Then copy the MAC address in the Status section of modem.

Now to change the MAC address of the downloaded file that you saved with “bin” extension, you need to edit it, which is done by HEX Editor Program.


After installing Hex program, open the file you downloaded from the file section of the program and then type and search for MAC address of the file you downloaded with the CTRL+F key combination.


After checking (seeing) MAC address, save the file by typing the MAC address of your modem (as we described how to get it) instead of the previous MAC address.

Then program the file on the Flash IC by a programmer and reset the modem manually, and then go to status section of modem, where the MAC address needs to be changed now and be the same as the MAC address on back of your modem. Then configure the modem and call the support team of your service provider 👨‍💻/👩‍💻 and when they reset your line, the modem light will turn on and you will have data.

Thanks for reading the article to the end ☺😉💚 Please ask any questions you have about the article in the comments 💚💚

Hex Editor software download:


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