How To Find Short Circuit Onboard CPU

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It is a known fact that knowing and doing things accurately and in the principle way is the best way to do anything. For example as a repairman if you are not able to troubleshoot and diagnose problems accurately, there might be serious damages on motherboards, probably unsolvable ones.
So, this video is about an Asus k550LC laptop which is completely turned OFF and all voltages are absent. The only present voltage on motherboard is 19 volt input. After checking motherboard and ohm amount, I realized that there is short circuit in PWM 3.3V and PWM 1.05V and they are shorted to GND. I used boardview to find the shorted direction and realize that it is related to internal pins of CPU.
And I should say that, as new generation CPUs are onboard and are integrated with south bridge, they are expensive components and it is very important to troubleshoot and diagnose motherboard problem accurately.
In this video I showed you how to test and diagnose if onboard CPU is ok or failed. But if you understand the concept fully, you can learn the principles of diagnose, easily test and make sure other chips are ok or failed.

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