How To Install Windows 10 Asus X555l


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This article is about problem in installing windows in Asus x555L

I want to install windows 10, and it enters to Bios setting. If you enter to Bios settings, UEFI detected the DVD writer, UEFI mood is clear and identified the DVDR, in Boot mood also which UEFI is there, it seems that it detected the DVD writer. When i save, it comes back to previous mood, and it does not start to install. The DVD is inserted in system, its windows 10. In order to install, follow bellow steps:

First of all, go to security tab and secure Boot menu, disable the Secure Boot Control .then Esc and Save and Restart it!

Next, it enters again to Bios, automatically! Disable fast Boot section and Enable the launch CSM, this time also save it and restart it, now, enter to Bios with F2! There three sections added, the first one is DVDR in UEFI mood, second one is Boot which is not in UEFI mood, and third one is Hard disk. In this way, we can easily go for installing, it resets, and installing started.

Many systems have this problem, which have problem for installing new windows on Asus. The installing of new windows is common problems in Asus.

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