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In today lesson, there is a Video card/Graphic card of computer, I am interested to show diagnose and repair it, the ATI Radeon 5570 is a graphic card. What is its problem? Motherboard does not start when graphic card is on it so after diagnosing the problem is on graphic card. When he connects the graphic card the fan does not spin, then he removes the graphic card, the fan start spinning. So after connecting the graphic card, it does not start, because it was under the dust and it has effect on graphic card then ultimately on motherboard.
After that he cleans the pad of graphic card and the fan. He diagnose the minus and plus part, the 12.5 volt of plus part was not there so unless laptop, he does not give voltage to them. He searches some other parts and he find out that one of the MOSFET is not working. So he replaces it with sound MOSFET and then tests which it is successful.


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