Tutorial Videos How To Solve USB & Sound Problem In Gigabyte GA-VT890P Motherboard

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How to Solve USB & Sound Problem in Gigabyte GA-VT890P Motherboard?
We had promised you to start a new series of tutorials on desktop motherboard repairing, and so here is the first part of it!
Since computer problems may originate from blocks other than motherboard, naming it "desktop motherboard repairing series" is not much irrelevant!
This video is recorded by Dr-Bios Technical Team. Mr. Safari, one of our dearest repairmen, will be your new tutor. You'll get to know him well during the course.
He has a personal computer case at hand to repair. The problem with this case is that whatever device you connect to its front or back USB ports, the device gets damaged!
Besides, it has sound problem as well. For example, no sound can be heard when playing an audio or video file. Mr. Safari has checked it and the problem is NOT software-related.
I congratulate Mr. Safari for becoming a member of Dr-Bios Technical Team and I hope that you enjoy his teaching method! Meanwhile, I thank Mr. Nikpey for giving a hand while recording the video.
We apologize, in advance, for the sound tone inconvenience. As it takes more than one session to record the videos, we hope you understand that these problems are natural.
We appreciate your comments.

Stay with us ;)

Video time: 32:00
Video size: 587 MB


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Hi, this is grate tutorial but i have one question. How the signal from U16 actually enables VCC12v to enter trough R351? If there is no signal from U16 ,the VCC would still enter trough R351. Thank you in advance for clearing this up for me :)
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