How To Solve "Warning!! Machine Is Not In Committed State?"

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Why HP laptops has the problem "Warning!!! Machine is not in committed state?

My laptop is HP 6930p, before long, I changed its motherboard; besides, I also ran hpsetcfg.exe to upgrade its serial numbers and its product number. But when I start it up, such a warning error prompts “Warning!!! Machine not in committed state”, cannot enter system, what should I do to solve the problem?

1) This is caused you haven’t defined the AMT function of the motherboard yet. The AMT function of motherboard is not in committed state, while new BIOS adds the function to inspect whether motherboard has been defined correctly and give prompt when starting relevantly. After replacing motherboard and updating latest BIOS version, if such warning information still occurs, then you need maintenance engineer define relevantly according to concrete model configuration? Please notice: such definition is one-off, irreversible. Before definition, you’d have to make a right judgment whether the machine supports AMT function.
2) Here’s the method to judge whether certain machine supports AMT function:
Check up the Intel CPU label on salver area, if there are the letters “vpro”, then it supports AMT function, you’d have to enable AMT function when define; otherwise, it doesn’t support AMT function, you’d have to disable it when define.
The method to define (enable or disable) AMT:
1. Download AMTBrand tool;
2. Make USB DOS boot disc;
3. Copy relevant files of AMTBrand tool after decompression to the USB boot disk;
4. Define the laptop to boot USB hard disk with priority and boot to DOS status;
5. Run Brand.bat file, such a prompt will appear on the screen:
"Do you want to commit the Centrino Pro State of this machine?"
Please enter “Y”; and then according to previous judgment conclusion, continue according to the prompt on current screen;
• If current machine supports AMT, then enable AMT and confirm;
• Contrarily, if it doesn’t support AMT, then disable AMT and confirm.

Please attention this definition is one-off, irreversible. Before definition, make sure to make a correct judgment that the machine supports AMT function.


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