How To Troubleshoot And Repair Water Spilling Problem

Oktay Nikpey

Staff member


What should we do when water spills on laptops and How should we repair them?
This is a kind of problem that can happen to anybody and it can also happen many times during a day. But what do you do when a situation like this happens to you?
The wrong thing many repairmen do after changing burned components is that they apply voltage to motherboards, which expands the problem in most cases (if there is disconnection) and makes the situation worse and causes many other components to be burned!
So what should you do? How can you fix this problem? How can you prevent from many other damages?
In this video we’re going to tell you what to do and what NOT to do with water spilled laptops. We will also teach you how to repair them in a total principled way.
So check out this video to find out how to save water spilled laptops
And Stay with us :)

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