How To Use Boardview In Repairing ASUS Laptops

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As you know, Boardviews and schematics are the maps of motherboards and they are very useful in finding the components on the circuit and exactly like maps, they show the directions to the repairmen. But sometimes you can’t find some motherboards’ schematics so you need to use boardviews (if there is any :D).
At first you might think using boardview is so hard and you might also think that you’re lost but trust me it’s way easier that you think. You only need to be familiar with it and learn how to use it.
This is why and as most Asus laptops motherboards’ don’t have schematics, we decided to show you how to use boardviews to repair Asus S551LN laptop which has water spilling problem and most of the important voltages are absent.

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There is another tutorial for using boardviews as well, which teaches the basics. Make sure to check it out ;)
How To Use Boardview Files In Laptop Repairing
This video is dubbed into English!


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