Important Notes for Submitting Clevo-Axioo Bios File Request

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Please note the followings while requesting Clevo-Axioo Bios file, so that we will be able to respond as quick as possible.
Be sure to mention the full Laptop Model. Example: Clevo-Axio W253EGQ
Be sure to mention the full motherboard model and revision. Example: 6-71-M74S0-D03BGP
If the Motherboard has a separate graphic chip, the graphic chip number needs to be mentioned. Example: Nvidia N12P-GV-OP-B-A1

❗Make sure to attach the Bios backup. And if it has EC, attach the EC backup as well.
❗If Me Region of the Bios file needs to be edited, please mention it in your request.
❗If the Bios file sent by the support team did not solve your problem, please do Not submit a new request. Instead of that, please mention it in your first submitted request.
❗If you couldn’t detect the motherboard model, please send 2 clear photos from both sides of the motherboard.

⚠ Please note that motherboard model is written on board itself, so make sure to check under labels and…

Clevo-Axioo motherboard info.jpg
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