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How To Read Macbook Schematics- Part 1
Today we are pleased to have Hossein Asadollahi back on Dr-Bios.com's technical team to share his experience and knowledge as a MacBook Repairing tutor.
As you know, the schematic of MacBook and other brands’ laptops have noticeable differences, which due to lack of comprehensive and proper training, has made this MacBook repairing be too complicated. Therefore we have decided to add a new section to the website called “MacBook Repairing”.
And the video below is the first video so let’s watch it :)
In this video, you will be introduced to the various sections of the schematic on MacBook laptops and how to read different voltage and signal lines and also general descriptions about these products.
This video is an introduction to start analyzing different blocks of Apple's laptops. Hope you enjoy watching it

This video is the first episode of our Macbook Repair Course tutorial videos which is captured and translated into English by Dr-Bios team. (subtitle is available as well.)

Enjoy and don't forget to comment :)
Video Size: 390 MB
Video Time: 46 min
This video is dubbed into English!
video files updated 10/05/2020


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