Remove Bios Password Of Toshiba Satellite C850-B700


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There are usually many ways to remove or reset Bios password of Toshiba laptops, some are very easy and some are a little hard!
In some series of Toshiba laptops and mostly Satellite series, Bios password is usually removed by taking out the motherboard battery. But there are also some motherboards in which some specific jumpers need to be shorted to each other (contact). The jumpers are usually named as ”J” and ”JP” in some motherboards and sometimes a couple of numbers come after them, for example: JRST2001. They might begin with these characters as well: “JPW" or “JWP” or “JRST”.
Reset password jumpers are mostly placed around RAM module or around motherboard battery.
When I checked Toshiba Satellite C850-B700 laptop’s motherboard, I found jrst2501!

What should you do now?!
Turn OFF the laptop - unplug adaptor and remove the battery.
Remove laptop battery and contact its pins with tweezers (when laptop is turned OFF) and hold for 10 seconds, so that the power inside motherboard would be drained completely.
Now find the jumper and contact it with tweezers or screw driver and in the contacted status, connect motherboard to power and turn ON the laptop. When Toshiba Logo comes up, disconnect the laptop from the power and turn it OFF!
And that’s it, easy peasy lemon squeezy ;)

Turn ON the laptop and the password is removed! This solution is tested by Dr-Bios’ technical team. ;)
You can see position of reset password jumper in the picture bellow!
Good Luck :)

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