How To Read Laptop Schematic PWR ALW Voltages Mosfet

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As knowing basic concepts in electronics is a very important matter in learning and understanding schematics, we are going to analyze and talk about transistors FET and MOSFETs. So that you would understand and realize their function on electronic circuits. in this video we will fully analyze the concepts bellow:
Field-effect transistor (FET) and also analyzing PU501 microcontroller which provides 1.35 and 0.675 VS volt which provides RAM power
Diagram of N-channel and P-channel MOSFET and their difference
Analyze the pins
How to detect and distinguish the pins
Testing MOSFETs that are ok and also failed ones
Good luck:)

Note 1: Make sure to download all parts, after that (when all of them are downloaded completely), you only need to extract "" , all other parts will be extracted automatically.
And then all of the parts will be added together and make 1 file, which is a 72 minute video. (These are NOT 5 videos)

Note 2: If you have problems extracting the files: Open WinRAR software, Tools, and click on Repair archive.


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