How To Read Laptop Schematic VS Voltages

Oktay Nikpey

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This is the fourth video of learning how to read and understand schematics. In which you can learn more about transistors, (Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and Field Effect Transistor), different kinds of transistors, transistor’s symbol, how to distinguish and test N-Type and P-type transistors and also detect their pins accurately.
You’ll also see full analysis on transistor diagram, transistor amplification theoretically and practically
Learning to work with oscilloscope and how frequency and amplitude work and how to set signals into scope. Differences of power always and VS voltages.
Analyzing datasheet of main microcontrollers of VS voltage providers and also 1VS,1.5VS ,1.05VS,1.8VS, 1.35VS, 3VS, 5Vs voltages.

Video Time: 1:23:08
Video Size: 699 mb


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