How To Read Schematics Power Micro controller Function Part 2

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This is the second part of How to read and understand schematics. Make sure to watch the first video (which is totally free) so that you could understand the second video completely.
there are many numbers and letters in schematics, in this video you can learn which blocks they belong to and what the components are (from code 100 to 1000).
The function and obligations of power microcontroller in charging process, providing voltage and dividing the power between laptop and battery, describing the function of power microcontroller's each pin and analysis of its important pins for providing voltage of laptops, power microcontroller function in protecting safety of the laptop, switcher MOSFETs function, and their voltage and status in different times, full analysis on the cycle of charging and providing voltage process,
How to detect, recognize and distinguish Enhancement mode MOSFET and depletion mode MOSFET and the N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs are all have been taught completely and accurately in this video.

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