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How To Repair USB Data Direction Disconnection In Asus K550V Laptop

Ahmad Safari

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This video is about repairing a USB 2.0 port of laptops and as you might remember, we have fully analyzed the port previously in this article.
And in this video, we have an Asus laptop with a problematic Data direction in its USB 3.0 port which caused the port not to detect USB 2.0 type devices (it detects USB 3.0 devices easily).
In the video below, you’ll see how to check the health of USB ports and find problematic directions, how to use boardview to check the blocks you constantly come across but may not pay attention to, with the help of boardview. And repair the problematic directions by connecting wire and solve the problem of the USB port.
You can use this solution to repair USB directions of all laptop models.
Tell us your opinion about this video and the solution in the comments :)
This video is dubbed into English!

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Video Time: 12 min


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