How To Diagnose Speakers-Amplifier And Audio IC Of Laptops

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There are lots of videos related to audio problems of laptops and we have posted several of them in the website as well, but this time the technical team of is decided to capture a video and fully analyze audio related issues, from IC problems to amplifier and speaker failure and even power circuits and also explain how to test them separately.
In this vide we teach you how to troubleshoot and repair laptops which have audio problems. And we use signal injector and show you how to make and use it (with diagram) as well.
I should say that amplifier IC is integrated inside audio ICs of new laptops. We are going to show you how to troubleshoot those kinds in another video very soon :)
Tell us about your experiences of repairing audio issues of laptops :)
And stay with us

Video Size: 630 MB
Video Time: 22:00 min
This video is dubbed into English!


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